Robocall Scam

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has received reports of a surge in robocalls across the country that falsely claim to be from “Blue Cross Blue Shield.”

These calls are a scam. 

They will attempt to obtain your personal information while pretending to offer information about our health insurance plans during Open Enrollment.

You can identify the robocalls as a scam if they refer to themselves solely as “Blue Cross,” “Blue Shield” or “Blue Cross Blue Shield”.

When we make a call to you, we will always refer to ourselves as “Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey”.

If you get a recorded call from a caller whom you did not authorize to call you, the call is likely a scam and you should hang up immediately.

Do not respond to prompts to “press 1 to speak to the operator or get your name taken off the list,” and do not provide any personal information.  Responding often only results in more calls.

We recommend you block the numbers of the robocalls from calling your cell phone.  However, these callers may continue to call you from other numbers or use “spoofing” technology that makes the same calls appear to come from different numbers, possibly even phone numbers that look local or familiar to you.

For honest, accurate information about our health plans, visit

To learn more about how you can protect yourself from telemarketing scams like this, visit the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.

To report malicious or suspect robocalls and telemarketers, contact one or all of the following federal agencies: