How can I save money with my new OMNIA Health Plan?


Thank you for selecting an OMNIA Health Plan. You made a great choice!

Horizon BCBSNJ has the largest networks of hospitals and doctors in New Jersey, and all remain in network to members in our new OMNIA Health Plans. You have access to 83% of New Jersey physicians and all but three New Jersey hospitals, without referrals.

Our new OMNIA Health Plans not only offer lower premiums for access to this network, you can also save even more on out-of-pocket costs with OMNIA Tier 1 doctors and hospitals.

OMNIA Health Plans use a tiered network. Tiered health plans place the doctors and hospitals participating with the health plan into different groups, or tiers, based on how much it will cost you to use their services. OMNIA Health Plans have two tiers: Tier 1 and Tier 2.

If you choose to use a Tier 2 doctor or hospital, the cost would be similar to what you would have paid in a comparable standard plan, but you still have the advantage of a lower premium.

If you choose to use a Tier 1 doctor or hospital, you can significantly reduce, or in some cases eliminate entirely, your out-of-pocket expenses for copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles by seeking care at Tier 1. Many of our OMNIA Health Plans have $0 deductible options when utilizing Tier 1.

OMNIA Tier 1 includes 34 hospitals and over 24,000 doctors and other health care professionals across New Jersey.

You can easily search for network of doctors and hospitals and determine who is in Tier 1 or Tier 2 by using our Online Doctor and Hospital Finder.

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